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Welcome to HELA Belts, created by two long-time friends with entrepreneurial spirits!

Started in early 2019 by childhood friends Helen and Lauren, HELA Belts are reminiscent of belts from “back in the day” (the 1970s and 1980s) but have been recreated with streamlined buckles and the latest in materials to work seamlessly with today’s trends. Style, function and comfort are the words used most often to describe HELA Belts, along with versatile and affordable. Jeans or evening gown, there’s a HELA Belt to match your style!

At HELA Belts, we believe elevating your style should be done in a cinch. But our passions go beyond great accessories. From day one we've prided our values of being a female-lead and inclusive company.  We look forward to growing our community with you!  ​ HELA Belts....Style In A Cinch!


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